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let's be serious

I think it's rather pointless to update on this thing. Maybe I will one day when I have massive amounts of time and patience. I've fallen far too behind. In fact, I'm returning home in two days. I'll post pictures somewhere. Study abroad is very busy business :/

It was fun though. A mind altering experience. I wish to do it again...soon. And with better blogging skills. I'll try harder :)

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Day 11

it's the 11th day, youse guys

May 25, 2009

Woke up around 5am because I was hungry (surprise surprise). I'm so entirely sick of this feeling. I think because I ate almost nothing the day I was really sick that my stomach is in shock with all the food. Or something. Dr. Zhan said to pace myself with the food. We went to the cafeteria for breakfast and I managed to down some egg drop soup, fried bread, and some type of fried dumpling. I felt that I ate A LOT more than I did yesterday, which is progress. Unfortunately, within an hour, I felt hunger again. I don't know if that's me recovering or because I ate so early in the morning. Either way, I'm near paranoid of hunger pains. I'm getting broken sleep over all of this. It's come to the point where I keep snacks at my beside for whenever I wake up.

  • note: After this point, I didn't have time to type out full entries. I have bullet points typed up on Word, so I can always try my best to update those. Just know that updates will come much slower from now on (which means they may never come). I'm constantly working or busy, and when I'm not, I'm shopping, haha. Was that a comma splice error? I bet it is. I'm prone to those even though I get on other people about it. I lose.

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Day 10

not really trying to remember

Day 10 is in the "diary", so here's a random cool picture I took.


ain't it perdy?

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Circle 9

May 23, 2009

I seemingly felt better this morning. I had to skip out on the Yuntai Mountain Park which sucked because I was really looking forward to it. Later in the day was a literal hell for me. The worst hunger pains I've ever felt attacked me all day. It doubly sucked because I could barely eat anything. Whenever something is wrong with my stomach, I automatically lose the will to eat, no matter how hungry I am. I was so entirely miserable. All I could bare to eat was water and bananas. To take the antibiotics I had to have something solid in my stomach like bread, but the bread felt so repulsive in my mouth. I took forever to chew it and I had to drink water to help me swallow. The repulsive smell of sewage from the bathroom almost made me throw up once. Christa didn't feel well herself but was made to go and help out the program director. She also wanted to stay behind and look after me (which was very sweet on her part). I think four other people stayed back because they were sick as well. I think it was poor forethought (or no forethought) to leave so many sick people by ourselves. At the clinic they speak no English and I don't know enough Chinese to communicate anything ailing me. He said we could look after each other. Yes, like a bunch of sick-as-dogs people are going to have enough strength to look after one another. I was alone and miserable and for that, I came away a tad bit angry at that....

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Into the hellhole

May 22, 2009

I wake up in the middle of the night with the runs :( And I'm a little chilled. I figure the latter is because maybe I sweated so much in my sleep (the sheets were piled on) and now I'm cold. After a few minutes I returned to sleep. In the morning I wake up hot, then cold, then hot, and I keep fluctuating back and forth. My joints ache and I feel a little woozy on my feet. Christa, Dr. Guo and I go to the campus clinic. I felt so weak I thought I was dehydrated or something. I was hoping to get hooked up with an IV but they needed to take my blood first but the machine to do that was broken. Instead they gave me a shot to reduce my fever (I was over 100 degrees) and some pills for the same reason and Chinese tea to help fight cold/flu symptoms. I had to skip my first class to rest and try and get my fever down. I made it to my 1:30 class and I was advised to skip the cultural enrichment class. I missed out on the party with the Chinese students (there was a talent show outside the hotel) because I fell asleep by the time it started. Around the afternoon is when my personal hells began.

Within maybe 10 minutes of eating something, it felt like I hadn't eaten for half a day. The weakening pain of hunger would tear through my stomach. I was physically weak as if I literally hadn't eaten for several hours. Dr. Guo said I had a stomach infection (probably from the ramen). I didn't eat the chicken sandwhich that the others ate and apparently made them sick. I don't really trust mayonnaise in other countries...no offense. Christa thankfully had some antibiotics just for the occasion so I took one before I went to bed.

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